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            "The Truth is within me, the land of Truth is within me"

                                         - Teacher Woo Myung -


Naperville Meditation is the center where you can meditate with the mind cleansing method. 
This method originally came from South Korea.


This meditation is leading us to human completion. Human completion means the awakening of your true self, that is Universe, and being reborn to live truly.

We have a hope that all humans can be free from their own mind worlds that they have created.


Through the Meditation method,

you can find Universe that already exists within you.

Because we are all connected,
your awakening to the truth will also affect everyone around you.

One person at a time, we can awaken the world.

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 My mind was always so preoccupied with thoughts. I often felt my mind was spinning out of control and I didn’t know how to stop. I had tried other forms of meditation but none of them offered any instruction on how to meditate.

Naperville Meditation center showed me a method I can follow to meditate.

After several years of practice, I can honestly say I am a different person with a different outlook on life.

I no longer suffer at length from out of control racing thoughts because I am able to apply what I learned at the center whenever I am facing an emotional situation.

After meditating at the center my body feels lighter, brighter, and calmer.

Naperville Meditation has offered me a practical solution to discard my stress and anguish. 

Carol Learoyd

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