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Who Am I?

Everyone has asked themselves the question” Who Am I” at least once in their lives.

From the moment the body is born, we identify with a gender, name, and family. School, occupation, and knowledge, etc are also identified with “me” while my body is alive. “Me” is made up of all our beliefs from the time we are born. It is just an input program as part of our life. If we eliminate all that is in our minds, only the body remains. The body is a vessel that contains all the experiences of the body. We live according to our program.

We believe and know the program is who “I am” We program our life at birth and follow the program. Who am I? Do I exist? Is my body me?

We have been programmed as fixed ideas to feel a certain way. Even love, hate, loneliness, sadness, and anger are all fake emotions entered into our human cells.

Even under the same conditions, emotions can be different for each of us, regardless of race or culture. We can throw away the mind with all the thoughts from our lived life, even thoughts that this body is me. We come to realize “what I really am”

We come to realize what is fake i.e. I do not have a body and mind that I have been led to believe. At this time, we will come to know and confirm the existence of the Truth.

If we throw away the body and mind, only the truth remains and we will see the existence of the Truth. The soul is reborn as the soul and spirit of the Truth and lives in the kingdom of Truth by the word of the Truth. This is the real me.

Don’t live a false life not knowing that this body is an automatic camera filming my lived life and then disappears. Finding the real me should be our purpose in life.

When it becomes real, the body is a vessel that expresses the Truth.

Even if the vessel expires and disappears, I, who is the Truth, will live in the kingdom of Truth forever.

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