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Where is my fear from?

What can I do to rid myself of overwhelming fear? I need to ask myself, “what am I afraid of”? We pick up fears from our lived life and are different for each person depending on our circumstances. Of course, there is a universal fear of death for each of us. What can be done? Where do I look? Who can I turn to eliminate these fears?

We tend to look outside of ourselves for the answer, but this is usually a temporary respite. These fearful feelings will remain deep within our hearts. The cure lies deep within ourselves, finding the cause of our fear and completely eliminating it. Indeed, the fear does not go away overnight. We start one step at a time, little by little. As we continue to identify the source, we will experience less fear in our daily lives.

Through the cleansing mind meditation, we look into our own minds and face the cause of our fear. As we meditate, these bitter feelings of fear will help us to understand who we really are. Have we lost ourselves in this fearful mind world and forgotten where we came from? As this pain and fear are cleared from our minds, we can slowly experience the joy and true peace that never changes.

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