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What We Hope

People live with great hope every day.

We hope that all our dreams will come true.

When there is no hope, we can fall into despair and live in pain.

Sometimes when all hope is lost, people choose the extreme choice of suicide.

Society defines those who achieve their dreams as successful and those who do not, as a failure. So, happiness and unhappiness are determined by the size and achievement of our hopes.

We often believe that happiness comes with possessions and financial comfort. But as we know, that is not entirely true. Where do these ideal hopes come from? They are not our own hopes, and social ideas and customs create them. As we run faster in pursuit of our dreams, there is a temporary sense of satisfaction, but the heart is always empty.

Now is the time to have real hope, and now is the time to make it happen. What we all want is to be truly happy. So when we can find a way to have our heart filled with joy in every moment, isn’t this the life we want to live? This beautiful world is limited by our own limited mind and our karma, habits, and body.

When we let go of this, we can find our true self within where we can see, hear and feel this beautiful world and always be filled with joy.

Everyone is trapped in their own world with their false mind, which creates these endless false hopes. It’s time to have real hope!

There is a way to break through the falsehoods and be free and find real hope.

We need to throw away our built-up ego-self. Anyone can do it with time and patience. Then true hope will come true little by little. You get to really know yourself and build confidence that it can be done.

Now is the time to be liberated from our despair.

We can stop torturing ourselves now by throwing our hearts into false hopes.

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