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What is meditation and what are its benefits

There are those who come to meditate after they have read various books related to the truth. They want to realize the truth on their own. However, it takes time and patience to realize what truth is. It is greedy to think that we can discover the truth without putting in the work and time. It will not be real enlightenment.

Mediation is for awakening. Awakening means knowing the truth by being free from our ideas and customs and perceptions of the body. The beginning of the meditation process is first to realize the thoughts and conventions deeply seated within our own minds. When we realize that this existence is false and that this material world and our material body are nothing more than a phenomenon similar to a vivid dream. So as much as I’ve believed that the world is real, the truth is that the material world and humans are false. So when I throw away all that is false from my heart, then we can truly abandon the fake world and ourselves. At that time, we can realize how joyful it is to throw away oneself. We will truly know our purpose and will come to know the true hope of life. When we experience peace within, we become grateful for the truth.

There is a process in which we can realize that the world and oneself are false and nonexistent. We can awaken to what is false and what is real and how to become complete. Once you have gone beyond the awakening process, you enter the next stage of meditation, from then on. Knowing the false and the True during the process of completely abandoning the fake, is the real beginning of meditation. At that time, you can feel the real becoming as much as you throw away the fake.

All of this process takes time and patience.

There are those who say they can not do it and leave because they are greedy for the results. But anyone can do this practice as long as they do it.

According to the method, all men and women can achieve awakening as long as they give up the false self. Thousands have already completed this program. When you try anything, the Truth helps you along the way. In the present time, we can live in the realm of Truth when we achieve human completion while still alive. Through meditation, the body and mind are cleansed and the health of the body restored.

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