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What are some daily habits that can change my life?

From the national science foundation,

People have 60,000 thoughts per day. 80% are negative. 95% are repetitive from the day before.

Let's pay attention to the last line.

95% are repetitive from the day before. It means we live according to repeated thoughts every day. You may didn't realize it. But auto-pilot recurring thoughts were regulating our life patterns due to those "repetitive thoughts" that already embed oneself.

To change ourselves, we need to be without auto-pilot recurring thoughts. Otherwise, you'll repeat the same views with comparable mistakes daily without acknowledging them consciously, and you wind up emphasized by the repeated situation.

We are not initially immune to change; however, we do not recognize exactly how to understand ourselves and do not know the correct approach to change ourselves.

In my day-to-day life, I look back on my life and dispose of the causes of my mind. If you make this a daily behavior, it is possible to change your life swiftly. So I would love to briefly share my everyday routine of being free from these recurring thoughts.

I could recognize which recurring ideas kept me from transforming by reviewing my life.

For instance, I had a habit of procrastination.

As I reflect, I realize that I have lots of memories of doing things under stress with a sense of restriction. The mindset of "I have to endure it, I should satisfy it" was embedded in my subconscious, so I felt a sense of duty and pressure every time I did something. Consequently, I used to be scared of starting things and wished to avoid them. That's why my laziness was repeated.

When I throw away these minds of the reason one by one,

Surprisingly, as I threw away the memory of the root cause of the pressure, it gradually faded away. Negative thoughts were not repeated, as well as procrastinating behaviors went away slowly. Currently, I simply do things without procrastinating, and I have tranquility and relaxation within.

As long as the sources of your negative thoughts disappear, you can naturally alter them. One's finest chance to transform oneself is to reflect on one's life daily. If you need to know just how to change yourself, refer to the video clip listed below


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