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To Be A Good Parent

Some parents visit our meditation center with the hope that their children will learn to meditate to make a change in their lives. We recommend that parents meditate together with their children since they are the primary teachers.

All parents want their children to live healthy and happy life. Even though parents want the best for their children, their desire can become a burden for the child. If the parents live a happy and healthy life, without expecting anything in return, this is the truest form of love. We want many things from our children but we, as parents, cannot live our lives through our children. It is difficult for children to live up to their parent’s wishes and expectations. This can result in disappointment for both parent and child.

If we want to make our children happy and healthy, we must abandon our own dreams for our children. What are their goals and dreams?

We can experience the healthiest and happiest relationships when we ignore our own desires and greed for our children.

Through meditation, we can learn how to let go of our greedy desires for our children. Then they are free of our demands and desires.

When we eliminate the greed of our fake hearts, we can have a true heart and truly love each other.

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