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The Value Of The Human Body

People don’t seem to know how valuable they are. We can compare ourselves to an unpolished gemstone. If those gems were buried as raw stones, and one day disappears, they would have no worth. But gems found deep in the earth and polished by craftsmen are then created as precious stones.

What about human life? Humans are the only beings that can be noble and holy. But most only strive to care for their finite bodies to ensure the continued existence of the body and therefore its value. If you live and eventually die, you have no value.

In order for us to find our worth, we must throw away all the fixed ideas, customs, and perceptions of the body that are imprinted on our mind. Don’t be a gemstone that disappears without value. Throw away your false self and become your true self, the same as a beautiful, precious gemstone. Then you will realize your true value. This is possible when the body is alive. You can never do it once your body disappears.

No matter how precious the stone, if it melts and disappears, it cannot be made into a jewel. Our jewel is our true self within. There is a systematic method to throw away one’s own perception of body and mind.

We have to unchain all of the self-made false self and become the true self that is the most valuable of humans.

We have to become our true selves so that we can live in the real heaven, nirvana, or paradise while we are alive.

The false self lives and dies in the false world but the true self lives in the real world eternally.

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