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The True Value of Life

There are famous movies that we love where the star of the movie is in search of the buried treasure. The star overcomes numerous obstacles to find the treasure but many times ends in death.

The movie heroes put their lives at risk to locate the treasure and even kill each other to be the owner of the treasure. They would rather die than live without it due to their greed.

The quest for this treasure consumed their mind and filled their heart so they were unable to give it up.

Is the value of my life defined by material gain, by treasures that I am desperate to own, that I work so hard for, cannot let go and that eventually disappear? If I do not exist, everything in the world is of no value to me. Nothing exists without me.

Even if I have a treasure the size of the earth, one day I will die and the treasure will be lost.

Wouldn’t it be of greater value in this life to change the body and mind to that of the eternal Truth having supreme value?

Now is the time when anyone can become the truth and live in the eternal kingdom of Truth.

Throw away the false self and become the real Truth while living in this life. This is a life of real value

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