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The Relationship Between Body and Mind Health

In the East, the influence of the mind on the health of the body has been long known.

Still many people in the East visit Oriental medicine doctors when they are ill. The doctor tells their patients that they must take care of their mind, if they want to cure the body.

At the same time, when we are sick, we begin to feel anxious and continually worry. This can make the illness worse and does nothing to heal the body.

In addition, the stress of the human mind can also be the source of disease. Those who continually worry, tend to place importance on problems of little significance that they cannot fix. This puts more strain on their mind and hearts. This can decrease the strength of the immune system.

Our body reacts to our mind. When we worry or become anxious or stressed, the body reacts and the muscles stiffen.

In order to live with a healthy body, we cannot have these types of minds. These thoughts are not real and can be thrown away. If you throw them away step by step, you will find that these feelings are a self-made illusion that eventually disappears.

This stressful mind is very hard on our body and we must let go of this mind to become healthy.

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