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The Joy of Life

Can I live every moment with joy?

Why can’t I always be happy?

As humans, we define our own criteria to be joyful. It may be the use of alcohol, taking vacations, eating a great meal or when working, doing what we love, or being in love. Can we be happy without these situations? I’m not always happy because I’ve limited the occasions when I can be happy.

Therefore, human joy is false because it is an attachment to a feeling created by oneself.

If we let go of these attachments, we can have true happiness and joy without limits.

When the body and mind are the Truth we can be filled with joy.

The blessed, joyful world will be within through meditation when we are able to throw away our mind which is false. That is why the kingdom of Truth is called the kingdom of eternal joy and happiness.

When the body dies, the human indeed disappears. We must eliminate the false mind and become the Truth while the body is alive. When we become our true selves and live in the land of Truth, only then, we can achieve human completion beyond death.

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