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The Beauty of the Truth

People are so afraid of revealing themselves they often hide behind a pretend mask. We pretend to be kind, sincere, to be merciful, to be generous, to be smart, rich, poor, ignorant, educated, and truthful. We convince ourselves that there is nothing we can do about it. That we need our masks to see us through hardships. But there are consequences of pretending. Our friends are also pretending, our relationships are pretending. How do we know what is real in our relationships?

Paradoxically, sincere people become more attractive. If we speak the truth with a true heart, without a sense of inferiority or pride, we will attract true friends and relationships. So to live sincerely, to become such a person, we must eliminate our sense of inferiority along with our fear of being alone by driving people away. When we let go of our negative egos, we will be able to understand and accept others as they are. We will have peace that does not shake our hearts against the worthless, negative thoughts of others. Our pain comes from our negative self-esteem which we can let go of.

If I can let go of myself, I can become a genuinely sincere person. The truth is so attractive. It can be so peaceful and free us from pain and suffering. Then you can see the beauty of the Truth within.

When I throw away my body and mind, there is no more reason to pretend. The world that is the Truth is in my heart.

The world that is the truth in my heart has been created as the spirit and soul of the Universe. There is no reason to pretend or be insincere.

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