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The importance of becoming the Truth

Many people in the world are searching for the truth and studying what the truth is.

People read diligently, memorize, and pray the scriptures of religion what is described.

Until now, it was the age of studying the truth, but now is the age of living as the truth.

If you study hard what the truth is, you will find out what the truth is and get to know more. It's the same as studying other things to enrich your knowledge.

It simply increases the knowledge of the truth.

Even if you study hard how to hunt a fox, if you can't catch a fox because you don't know where it lives, then you only have knowledge about it.

If you want to have the truth as knowledge, there are tons of books on the truth in bookstores. All you have to do is go to the bookstore, pay for the book, and take the time to read it.

However, reading a book about truth does not make it the truth.

Perhaps, his head is filled with the knowledge of what truth is,

If it's a story, it will automatically play and come out of your mouth.

You will become a true expert on the truth.

But it is only a knowledge of a dead, lifeless truth and it's important to become the Truth that is real.

Truth is the eternal, immutable, living life that created this world.

Now, put the time and effort to study the knowledge of the dead truth into becoming the truth.

Just change it, and the result will be living truth, not dead knowledge. Why do we spend the same amount of time and effort to present the knowledge of the truth as if it were real?

Truth itself exists within you. How can you find it within you?

People live inside their mind world that overlaps the world. If you throw all of this mind away, Truth is within you and the land of Truth is within you. People’s minds are composed of karma that is the lived life, the habits that were inherited from their ancestors, and the body. When you discard the karma, habits, and body entirely, you can find Truth within you.

It is up to you to decide whether to study or become real by throwing away the human false mind.

Now is the time when everyone can be the truth. Just do it.

He has lived without sparing effort and time for this body, which will one day die. If we can live to become the truth and live in the kingdom of truth, all of us must spare no effort and time.

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