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Everyone wants to get what they want and when it happens, we call it a success.

Everyone has different criteria for success. So what do we need to be successful? First of all, we need to work hard. But some work hard and do not get what they want. While some exert very little effort and easily succeed. There is also an element of luck. But why are lucky people lucky? Does it involve the people that surround them? With the same effort, who will succeed and who will fail? It is because of the mind. We focus so much on our body but usually ignore our mind. It is difficult to understand when we work harder than our opponent why it does not always end in success.

When we work hard with our body, we can easily see the outward success. But how do we work our minds to lead us to success?

Our mind governs our body. With an insincere mind, the results will be insincere. We have to look inside our mind to find the reason for this insincerity, leading to a lack of success.

If we don’t change our mind, even if we work our body hard, we cannot change the results. This difficult, resistant mind has got to go.

If we want to get what we want, we have to give up this mind that doesn’t work.

When the mind is gone, only the True mind remains. Working with our True mind and body, we will always be successful in any given task.

When we share the success of a clean and pure mind, in return, we will have even greater joy.

There is a meditation method that guides us in throwing away the mind. Then only a pure heart remains. This is our True heart and True mind.

Let’s meditate! Let’s meditate to experience true success for a truly happy life.

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