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Reasons to Let Go of Resentments from Your Heart

A person who is sad in their heart sees the world as sorrowful and cannot really see the world while they fall into this resentment of sorrow. For those that are angry, the world is only an object of anger. The world seems lonely to a lonely person. Those who have a heart full of greed for money are singularly focused on earning money.

Even trash can rolling down the street looks happy to a person with a happy heart. Since happiness changes with our condition, happy moments may be limited.

In this way, we look at the world according to our own hearts while bound up with resentments in our minds and unable to see the beauty of the world. People are blind and cannot see the world because of our mind.

When we throw away ourselves and our minds, we become one with the world and its beauty. Every moment is filled with joy.

The world is already beautiful and perfect. But we cannot know it unless we give up our false minds and false heart of resentments.

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