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Power of Acceptance How you can build a healthy personal relationship

People are social animals who must live by making friends, having relationships, working together, and raising a family together.

When people come to meditation, they may be asked “why” they want to meditate. More than 90% say to have better relationships because their relationships have become difficult.

Most people whose relationships don’t work really don’t understand why. This brings about resentful feelings since most feel that they sacrifice themselves for those close to them. They work hard and try to adapt to the needs of others.

With meditation, we can realize that the anger and disappointment over our failed relationships come from within ourselves. We all have fixed expectations and set ideas about how relationships should work and how people should respond to us. If we can eliminate ourselves and our false ideas, our relationships can be restored. What I like, understand, and accept are all from my own mind. So, if I let go of the false acceptance and understanding, we can see the other person just as they are. That is real acceptance and for this to be possible, I must throw away all of my mindset of expectations and judgments. I can then be the True mind where I accept those around me as they are.

When all of the false disappears, we can become one with the Truth where we can truly love and accept each other. We can have a love that is centered on others rather than our own fake love. A naturally happy human relationship is possible when there is no fake me and we become the Truth when I become the true me and the false me no longer exists.

There is no solution in the human mind no matter how hard we try to find it.

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