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Only When One Is Born In Heaven While Living Can He Go To Heaven

Man was born with a mind that takes pictures of the world and everything that belongs to the world. All of our parents and ancestors died after living in illusions, in pictures taken of the world. This is the reason our minds by nature and from birth are like a film of pictures. We live speaking and acting according to what is scripted in the film. But just as a picture is not real, the film is false. Man’s mind itself is sin and karma. Without discarding the picture world and one’s self that is a picture, man cannot be born into the world that is heaven.

Doesn’t the true world exist when one’s individual mind world and one’s self no longer exist? One can be resurrected in the true world when one’s self and mind world no longer exist. The true world will emerge when one’s self and mind world have been completely eliminated. When a person is one with the consciousness of heaven in every moment and regardless of where he is, he will be born in heaven. One must be completely born, a hundred percent, as the Soul and Spirit, the Energy and God, of Truth that is heaven. Only when one is born in heaven while living can he go to heaven.

Written by Woo Myung

Teacher Woo Myung is the founder of the meditation method to achieve human completion. In addition to being an accomplished composer, artist, calligraphist, and lecturer, Teacher Woo Myung has created works that transcend languages and cultures to deeply touch the heart and minds of people worldwide.

He is the award winning author of 10 bestselling books, including Stop Living in This Land, Go to the Everlasting World of Happiness, Live There Forever which hit #1 on Amazon’s Bestseller list in 2014 and received many book awards that year. Also in 2014, Where You Become True Is the Place of Truth won the Montaigne Medal by Eric Hoffer Book Awards as the most thought provoking book.

From humble beginnings and the perpetual questions about life and existence, the answers to these questions only came to Teacher Woo Myung after he achieved Truth. He then realized that anyone can become Truth if they discarded their selves, and he began to ponder on the best method possible to teach others to also become Truth. “In order to teach people, there needed to be a method. I studied this question from the perspective of ordinary people.” He no longer needed to cleanse his own mind, but he studied even harder, eventually resulting in seven levels of meditation methods. To this day he continues to study, write, and give speeches on these questions.

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