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What decides man's future, his fate, or his own effort?

When one succeeds continuously, others say they are lucky. When one fails continuously, others say he is a failure. There are obvious reasons why some people, no matter how hard they work, find no success in their work or personal lives.

Everything that happens in our lives is not accidental. Everything is inevitable. And fate has already been decided. And if your fate has already been decided, why do we struggle so hard? If we think about our fate, we will know that our fate can change by our own will. So what is destiny and what decides our fate?. We can change our own fate because it is not determined by God but by our own creation. At every moment, we can make decisions and act according to our own thinking. The decision is always up to me. But some are forced to make certain decisions and we may think that it may not be my will in terms of physical behavior. And the world seems to be moving in a material way but, in reality, it is moving by the invisible energy of the mind.

In the scriptures, there are stories about how our destiny flows according to one’s own heart.

If I hate someone, I am also hated. If I hate someone, that hatred begets more hatred.

We tend to judge others by their outward appearance and we may be deceived by the appearance of various masks.

One’s destiny is a result of our minds and the physical manifestations of that mind.

So if we want to change our destiny, we have to get rid of our ideas and our mindset. If we do not abandon these ideas, we can become trapped in our own destiny. If we want to reset our destiny and have a destiny that transcends even death, it is possible only when our ideas, customs, and body perceptions in our mind actually die entirely, just as a pupa must die for a butterfly to live. When the fake dies, the real can come to life and we will be free to live with the fate that we have created.

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