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People have a hard time and feel hurt when they feel trapped in many different feelings of inferiority. We have been brainwashed by language that forces us to compare ourselves with others to strive to be better than others.

Comparisons always exist, so you can’t help but endlessly compare yourself with others.

Our suffering comes when we feel less than others. When we constantly work to overcome our inferiority, we are ignorant of the arrogance involved that separates us from others, negatively affecting our relationships. When we get lost in these feelings of inferiority, we blame the world and those around us, without even realizing what we are doing.

As my self-esteem erodes, the judgment of myself also deteriorates which makes me angry, worried, and desperate to find a way out of these overwhelming emotions.

Only when we find a way to our true selves can we be free of this pain. We must throw away the fake me that overlaps the real me. This is something everyone can do from children to the elderly, knowledgeable and non-religious, or growing up in any race or culture. Anyone can find their true self by throwing away the fake self just by practicing.

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