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How To Study Well

To get the greatest results from time spent studying, we need to focus while studying. When I am forced to study, I may sit at my desk but my mind refuses to concentrate. Studying while our mind worries do not give good results.

We need to be in the present moment. Our body and mind as one. If our mind is not there and our mind is wandering, the study time is wasted.

If we want to focus the body and mind on the study material, you need to clear our mind of all cluttered thoughts. When our mind is clear, we can singularly focus on our studies with successful results.

There is an obvious way to clear the mind. A cluttered mind must be thrown away. When we throw away our false-negative mind, we can find a pure, real heart within. Without abandonment, neither the body nor the mind can ever be purified. We must throw away the toxic, negative mind and have a clear, focused mind to have successful study time.

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