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How to Improve Your Marriage and Build a Better Relationship

Many couples come to meditate to improve their relationship that has deteriorated over time.

At first, each said it went wrong because of the other. But as they practiced, they realized that they have a lot of desires and expectations of their partner. They expect the other to fulfill all of their wishes. But when their wishes are not fulfilled, they feel hurt and disappointed.

If we let go of our expectations of our spouse, we can better understand each other. Most couples listen to what the other wants. They think they will get what they want because that's what makes them feel safe and taken care of. Marital relationships can be very fragile. And to have a healthy relationship, we cannot have any expectations of our partner. Then we can truly love each other. We all want to get what we want. We want to fit in but if that doesn’t work, we feel confused and helpless. So the marriage that was supposed to be so happy and solve all of our problems becomes a source of pain and blame. The perfect way to remain a healthy, happy couple is to find our true self within by eliminating the false self full of huge expectations and unmet needs. This is the way to the perfect solution.

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