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How to Be Loved

What most people want to hear is ”I love you”

Why are we so desperate to be loved?

When we do not feel loved, we often feel depressed, hopeless, and unhappy.

When we look deep within ourselves, we may find the answer. When we don’t experience love for ourselves, we look outside ourselves for love.

But can the emptiness within ever be filled?

We look and look in all directions only to exhaust ourselves as we still feel empty.

This is what we have learned to do through our life experiences. We grab onto every opportunity to be loved but nothing seems to fill that place inside. We are being held captive by our own desires for love.

Can we fill ourselves with the love from within? It is this love that is true and never changing.

Human love changes over time depending on conditions. However, there is unconditional love in you.

We just need to let go of the cultural norms that say love is found in another person or a new place or thing. When we find true love within ourselves.

We will finally feel complete, fill the emptiness within, and find happiness and peace.

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