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How to be free from feeling guilt

Ordinary people have many different kinds of guilt. Guilt from friends, family, or the God of their religion. As a parent, we feel sorrow and guilt for our children. We also feel sorrow and regret for our close friends and for our coworkers. Because of this sorrow and regret, we feel obliged to fulfill the demands of others even when the request is unreasonable. But this often causes a lot of stress and depression in our lives. We sometimes are unable to find a solution to relieve this stress from our sense of guilt.

Where does this guilt come from? Because we each have a conscience from our lived life and our condition, we all have a certain level of guilt. Even under the same conditions for each person, the consequences of guilt in their heart are different.

Some people have no guilt while others suffer under the burden of huge guilt. The difference is how their brain processes the thoughts and ideas about the guilt that they learned growing up.

Through meditation, as we let go of this learned condition about guilt, we can realize this is false guilt. We will know what is actual sin and what is false sin.

Our true sin is the belief in our mind of accumulated thoughts, ideas through life, and the belief that our body belongs to us is the true sin. Only when all these are thrown away and the truth lives in my heart, then the spirit and soul of Truth are completed in the kingdom of Truth and there will be no more guilts and sin. Only when we are complete can be free from all guilts and even the original and personal sin.

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