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Significance and Effects

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Posted by Meditation USA on August 17, 2018

A large mind that never changes

is the mind of nature and of the universe.

Returning to the universe mind by discarding human mind will fundamentally change you and the world.

As broad and as peaceful as your mind has become, you will experience the marvelous changes that come to you.


01 A Real Break, Clear out thoughts and rest the mind

02 Mental Health of Modern People, Heal mental illness

03 Live Full of Health and Vitality, Clear out the mind to clear out the body’s toxins

04 Large Mind of Oneness, Resolve all conflicts and disputes

05 How to Live Well, Attain the wisdom of living life

06 Redefine Your Life’s Direction, Know where you came from and where you will go

07 Complete Happiness, Unchanging joy no matter when or where

08 Complete You, Now your life is complete


A Real Break,

Clear Out Thoughts And Rest The Mind

It is said that a person thinks 60,000 different thoughts a day on average. Of those, 95% are thoughts repeated from the day before. Complicated thoughts indicate a complicated mind. When you discard the mind, the roots of those thoughts that made your mind muddled and complicated also can be thrown away. Only then is a real break possible. Vacation or other activities bring temporary relief, but the reason why you end up with a complicated mind and heart again is because it was not thrown away.

When you throw away all the countless minds that have accumulated in your mind and all the fixed conceptions that you were bound to, you will recover your original mind. With the peaceful mind of nature, which is never shaken by any situation, you can live a life of great rest. You are more natural with more leisure and live a life of freedom without any hang ups or restraints.


Mental Health Of Modern People,

Heal Mental Illness

Depression, insomnia, panic disorder, anxiety disorder, various addictions…. The number of modern people who have mental illness is increasing. The World Health Organization warns that depression will become the foremost common illness in 2020.

There are many threats to mental health starting from difficulties in ordinary interpersonal relationships and various accidents and disasters that lead to big or small traumas or even PTSD. People get hurt in today’s complex, heartless society and dormant past memories exacerbate these unhealed wounds, leading to other illnesses.

This meditation finds the cause, which is the root in the mind, and throws it away, making it exceptionally outstanding in healing the mind. Furthermore, one can break out of the narrow consciousness of being trapped in his or her self, expanding the consciousness, and experience a surprising and fundamental change in how he or she views life and the world. This meditation enables people to find the tranquility of the universe mind, with which people can live with an always healthy spirit and mind.


Live Full Of Health And Vitality,

Clear Out The Mind To Clear Out The Body’s Toxins

Detoxing for the body’s health is popular. However, not many people know that the fundamental way to remove the body’s toxins is to empty the mind.

Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon, the oldest text on Eastern medicine, mentions that if one calmly empties and clears his mind, all illnesses will disappear. Excluding external injuries, one can live without any psychogenic illnesses.

Having hatred, anger, frustration, and other such negative minds blocks the flow of energy in one’s body and damages health. It is not an exaggeration to say that cold hands and feet due to poor blood circulation, difficulty digesting, lacking energy, and chronic fatigue are all due to the mind. Subtracting the mind lightens the body. When your mind becomes the universe, your body also returns to the original body that is of the original, pure nature. It revives our body’s immune system and natural ability to heal. If you want to be healthy, you must first reflect on your mind.


Large Mind of Oneness,

Resolve All Conflicts And Disputes

When you empty your mind and return to the original mind, you realize that the world and all creations are one. Individual, selfish minds like ‘me’ or ‘you’ disappear and you can live for others as the collective mind, which makes all conflict and strife disappear. During the process of introspection in discarding the mind, one first reflects on his self and then objectively reflects on family, close relations, and social relationships. The more you discard your mind, the more you can break away from your perspective and see the situation objectively. You will understand from the other person’s perspective as it is, opening the way to communication; a sincere mind opens the doors to dialogue and reconciliation. Solutions to old misunderstandings and conflicts between parents and children, difficulties in work life, and other big and small troubles and issues in life all start with your self. The key to release minds that have been formed and accumulated and become the mind of oneness and coexistence is to empty the mind. When you break away from your mind world, return to the original universe mind, and live reborn as the body and mind of the universe, you will live a life of true coexistence. That is the ultimate goal of this meditation.


How to Live Well,

Attain The Wisdom Of Living Life

There is a saying that people live according to their size—the size of their mind and hearts. A life lived in a passive mind that is confined by one’s own conceptions and habits is full of conflicts. When your mind is full of all kinds of minds, they narrow your insight, making it difficult to make proper choices.

When you feel like family, close relations, and society are not quite what you expect, you must reflect on yourself. Emptying your mind will give you a large, clean mind.

You will know the ways of the world when you become the universe mind. The wisdom to sensibly move forward in any situation comes from that universe mind.

Since the universe mind is a positive mind, it brings positive results by allowing everything to resolve by nature’s flow.

When your mind grows bigger, you can accept anyone as they are, improving your relationships. You can also focus on whatever you do because there are no more distracting thoughts or mind clutter.


Redefine Your Life’s Direction,

Know Where You Came From And Where You Will Go

Who am I? Where did I come from? Why do I live?1 Where do I go? How do I live a good life? These are questions that everyone has wondered at least once. Some simply live with those questions unanswered and others devote their whole lives to finding the answers to those questions. The reason why life feels futile, scary, and incomplete is because we don’t know who we are, where we came from, where we will go, or how to live.

When you throw all of your self away by discarding the mind, the questions about existence and life will all be resolved. When you know your original nature and become the universe mind, you will know the principles of life, death, and existence. Futility and anxiety disappear, you will see and know the world properly, and you will establish the direction of your life.


Complete You,

Now Your Life Is Complete

Many people come seek this meditation, regardless of religious background, in order to cleanse their minds. This is because subtracting the human mind of the life lived in order to attain a pure, large mind is a necessary step in order to recover one’s true, original nature.

Everyone has different reasons for starting this meditation.

However, everyone arrives at the same place after finishing all the levels—a complete life as the real me who has achieved human completion. The original mind is the truth, which is complete and eternal. The level of truth is the highest goal that all academics and religions have sought since ancient times. Becoming the original nature itself, being reborn and living as the body and mind of the universe is human completion. This is the level that so many people have tried to achieve for a long time, but now an era has opened when anyone can achieve this with a method to do so.

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