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God Exists; Therefore I am

As our material life develops, more and more people do not believe in God’s existence.

It seems that people think like this there is a belief that if we put in the effort, we can achieve anything. And it is said that if the life you desire is not given, then God must not exist.

Everyone thinks of a Creator that is bound to their own ideas, customs and bodies.

No matter how smart we are or how hard we try, there are things we can never do. There are things that only the creator can do, things that only the Master of Truth can do. The reason that humans can live as material beings is because of the ingredients of the created materials. Man thinks of the Creator as a man according to his human conception.

In war, men prey on their side to win. This means in the end the other side must all die. How ironic is this? Hope that wants God always on their side. It is a human ideology and custom that one must be right while the other must be wrong. Then what race, country, or culture should God take the side off? People want even the Truth, the Creator to fulfill their needs and expectations. We hope God serves and moves according to our will. Truth, the Creator, is life itself. This material world is created in our own minds. Now is the age of material creation to be the complete eternal creation. The scriptures of all religions predicted the present time. Time and space, as we know it, do not exist in the Truth. We all try to find answers by going back to where it all started. The Creator is called by different names in each religion but refers to one being, commonly called the Truth. The Truth does not exist in the fixed ideas and inherited cultural behaviors of each person. But only people have imprisoned it without even not realizing it. We don’t know the Truth beyond this prison. We must come out of this prison to meet the master of Truth, become the Truth, and live in the kingdom of Truth.

There is a way to come out of the prison of the mind. We have to eliminate everything within ourselves and our minds. We must purge the body of all ideas and customs held by one’s mind. We must destroy the fake human mind world, called, karma, habits, and the body. The fake me must disappear for the real me to live. Like a pupa, it has to disappear to be reborn as a butterfly. We only then will be free of our own prison.

Now is the time when it is possible.

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