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Freedom From Fear of Death

What we all have in common is that we are born and then we all die. We inevitably face death so why does it generate so much fear?

We think of death as the end of the material body, which we identify with. But what about the Spirit? We are told many stories and are asked to believe that if we lead a good life, we will meet God and live in the kingdom of heaven. But is that a definitive answer? Can we be sure of our fate after death?

If we only knew what death is and what will happen after death, we would have no reason to fear death. We fear what we don’t know and understand. Are we really meant to be born and then just disappear? Is there no way to live forever beyond death?

Many meditation practices have attempted to answer this question. Until now, there has been no definitive way to live forever after death.

Just as the material world has developed with revolutionary technology, the time for us has come to discover how to live forever. The Truth is here. Anyone can do it. We just need to take the time and be patient.

We live with the thoughts and decisions in our minds that we have made throughout our lifetime. This painful, false mind covers the God mind within. When we discard this false mind, we can see and know the truth.

The truth is within me. The kingdom of truth is within, even if the body disappears. This can be discovered even when we are still alive.

I can exist forever in this kingdom of truth.

Many places talk about what truth is, but no place talks about how to become the truth.

Through the cleansing mind meditation, you will realize that you are an illusion created by yourself.

Through meditation, you can let go of this illusion and realize what you really are. You will realize that death of the body means nothing more than throwing away some old clothes. Death is not to be feared.

Instead, you will see death as a blessing and something to be grateful for.

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