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Free From Stress

Everyone knows that we are made up of a body and mind and I know my body well because I can see it. But our minds are often a mystery.
When we are sick we do what is necessary to take care of our bodies. But no matter the condition of our bodies, one day, we will die.
But what can we do when our mind is sick with stress?

We often explore many remedies such as positive thinking, mental help therapies, avoidance of the problem to try to forget. But many times we find that these methods really don’t work. This only adds to our pain and stress. Maybe it’s time to try something new like a deep, spiritually based meditation!

The real goal of meditation is to become the truth. A real meditation method is one that teaches how to become the truth.
Using the cleansing mind method, you will realize for yourself the difference between your real mind and your fake mind. It becomes a battle within yourself to throw away your fake mind. But by throwing away this fake mind only the real mind remains. Each religion tells us that the land of Truth, kingdom of God is within. But we are not able to see it because we are living in a self made mind world.
So this real meditation method is very simple. To heal my mind I need to go to the source and cause of my stress which is my karma, habits and body which I created in my own mind. These are all fake minds. As you unburden yourself of the thoughts and beliefs that make up your fake mind, you will discover your real, true self. This is the place of joy and peace within. This is the kingdom of God within that we can experience while we are alive.

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