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Free From Anger

Why can’t I control the emotion of anger? How can I become a master of my own emotions? Anger is usually followed by guilt and shame. And the shame has me rationalize the anger by blaming others, the conditions, or the environment. The end of this excessive self-rationalization can be followed by an act of violence. We have inherited certain habits and emotions from our ancestors. And we can become slaves to these emotions which makes life very difficult. This build-up of anger within is my enemy but I must own it.

If I claim ownership, then it is for me to resolve it. If we look deep inside our own hearts to discover the cause of this anger, we can eliminate it.

This can be done through the cleansing mind meditation. We continue to look into ourselves and throw these emotions away. The more we clean out these emotions, the more we see that the answers were always within. We will also realize that we must become the Truth to be free from all misery and agonies. The misery and agonies come from the false thoughts and beliefs that have accumulated through many years of a lived life.

When we give ourselves over to this meditation method, we will find the perfect and supreme true self.

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