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Human Completion

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

The origin of completion is the sky before the sky,

that is, it is Jung and Shin – the origin of the Universe.

While it is true that all creations are complete,

it is also true that all creations and man can become complete

only when completion comes as a person.

People often believe that they themselves are buddhas,

but because they live in an illusionary picture world,

they are not buddhas, or saints,

but illusions and pictures.

When one completely dies and becomes the origin that is completion itself,

the complete person will make him complete

by resurrecting him and making him live in the land of completion.

To become a Buddha, one must completely die

for only then does that which is real remain,

and he must be born from it.

To be reborn, there must only be Truth, which none of one’s false self remaining,

and he can only be born and live in that world if Truth gives him new birth.

Only that which is real can bring about human completion, and such is Truth;

only that which is real can save man in the real land.

Just as there are fertilized and unfertilized eggs,

there must be man’s true self inside him

to become the Universe after he dies

and for his true self, who is God, to live.

Human completion is when one has a true soul resurrected within him,

and such a person is complete and Truth.

Drawn, Written by Woo Myung

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