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After Watching The Movie “Squid Game”

The first thought I had after watching Squid Game was that it resembled a game I played as a child during breaks at school. At that time, we were eager to find friends who could play the game well to join our team. The team that won danced with joy while those that lost were so angry. I became so competitive with the drive and desire to win at all costs. Many who watched the game had as many different feelings representing our various selves. As in life, we experience difficulties and traumas that we struggle to live through. These are aspects of our lives that we must face. We strive to survive, hoping to win the prize. Within the struggle, we can be desperately selfish and cruel.

In time, I was surprised to discover within myself the same mentalities as the characters in the movie. I believed that, in my own way, I was a good person. But I found that I could let go of the selfishness and ugliness from deep within myself.

When we abandon ourselves, we can discover hope and the ability to love unselfishly. A life of self-centered selfishness is a life that kills. The more hearts we have to serve others, the more joy we can experience together. I realized I could be happier.

The Squid Game expresses well the ugly side of humans but also human hopes.

We always want others to change but no one changes and the world is increasingly filled with a selfish mind that is focused only on themselves. Life becomes more difficult. If we let go of our selfishness, we can return to our perfect, beautiful selves and realize we are truly united as one. Now is the time for us to discard all that is false within ourselves and become our true selves.

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