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Meditation Method

Transcending the Human Mind and Discovering Truth Within

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What is Method?

The Truth is within you and the true world is within you

You may have already heard about this phrase or maybe you even believed this but somehow you have been trying to find the truth from the outside. Or you wanted to find it from the inside of you but you didn’t know how.


The reason why you can’t find truth nor live in the true world is because you live inside your mind world, which overlaps the world. The human mind world is made of the body, habits inherited from the ancestors, and karma which is the life lived. You can see and find the truth from inside of mind when you cleanse all of this body, habits, and karma. ​


We have the method to cleanse them.

Human Mind

Karma:  My life lived which is

                 ① Throwing away remembered thoughts.

                 ② Throwing away the images of myself and the images of human relationships.

                 ③ Throwing away my body.

                 ④ Throwing away my body and the universe.

                 ⑤ Throwing away my body and the universe.

                 ⑥ Myself disappears and becomes the universe.

                 ⑦ Eliminating my negative mind, the life lived, and the thoughts.

Habit:  Eliminating Hwan (illusions of the mind)

Body:  Eliminate

 When the karma, habits, and body disappear,

the Soul and Spirit of the universe remain in one’s mind.

The land that is born again from here is the land of Truth.

@ Naperville Meditation




Becoming Your True Nature

The age of talking about Truth is over, and now it is the age of becoming Truth.

With this meditation method one discards their false minds. As one progresses through each level, enlightenments present themselves naturally from within- to the extent that one’s consciousness has been awakened. Enlightenments are not taught, rather they come from within ones' consciousness to the extent that "the self" has been discarded. When all levels have been completed, one comes to fully realize his true original nature and live eternally with the true mind. It is when one has been reborn or awakened in the true world as their true self that one experiences the utmost happiness a human being can have. 


The Age of Truth has begun to unfold! With this meditation as a firm foundation, people who discard their false minds in this age will become one without separation between you and me and live the lives of peaceful coexistence. 

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