Why we need to meditate

What is the mind?

Self-reflection and cleansing meditation defines the human mind as an accumulation of stored pictures. These pictures of past experiences are taken through the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and body. They mold our pattern of thinking, reactions, and habitual behaviors that are not who we truly are. They hold our emotions; thoughts; and attachments to people, places, and things. They also create our picture worlds.

Meditation Method

  Historically, the inability to precisely defines the mind has been one of the biggest obstacles to overcoming problems and achieving enlightenment, as it has hindered our discovery of who we are and how to become Truth.

Who am I?

Where did I come from?

Why am I here?

Where will I go when I die?

Why do I have such struggles?

You will discover the answers to these questions as true wisdom enters into your mind

by cleansing the false mind.

Finding the truth by eliminating the false​​



Truth: Christianity refers to it as God,

Buddhism refers to it as Buddha, Islam refers to it as Allah.

Truth is within me, the land of Truth is within me.

= God is within me, the land of God is within me.

= Buddha is within me, the land of Buddha is within me.

= Allah is within me, the land of Allah is within me.

Truth and the land of Truth must exist within my mind at all times,

and I must also be born in the land of Truth.

Only what exists within me exists.

It is the world where one lives eternally.

For this to be realized, one must discard the karma, habit, and body

which is the human mind.

Human beings created their own mind world which is false and    

this false world is exactly overlapped  
on to the true mind world so people   

do not know where they are living

1. Discarding Karma (7 steps program): 


        Level 1- Discarding remembered thoughts  

        Level 2- Discarding image of relationships                             and myself

        Level 3- Discarding body

        Level 4- Discarding body and the universe

        Level 5- Discarding body and the universe

        Level 6- Discarding me who have all minds

        Level 7- Discarding me who have mind world

                     Discarding me who have negativity

                     Discarding me who have all thoughts

 2. Discarding Habits and Body (after 7 step)​​​

Throw away the picture with a guided visualization technique. 

Train your brain to know that the illusion is not real and to throw it away

from the Universe.


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