Long Island Meditation and Online Meditation Events partners with organizations that are looking to support the mental and emotional well-being of their staff and clientele. We have guided meditation sessions for corporate offices, schools, medical facilities, private organizations and government agencies, and the list continues to grow.

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St. John's University Meditation Workshop

Oct 14


On Oct. 14. 2020 We were invited by a St John’s professor to present a Meditation Workshop to fellow St John’s University faculty, staff, and students. The event started with some Releasing Exercises to relax the body. The discussion of the human mind followed: what constitutes the mind, how it works and the need to discard it. The group then learned how to meditate with our unique method. Once everyone understood the process, a 20-minute guided meditation session took place. The event culminated in a Q&A session where people gave feedback such as "I've tried different types of meditation, but this one is different!" 

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