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Naperville Meditation provides a guide for you

to find Truth within and go to the land of Truth within while living.


We are now offering one-on-one free introductory sessions in person and online via Zoom on Monday to Saturday at 1 PM by appointment only!

At Naperville Meditation, we want to make sure that every student understands the method clearly.

When you register and begin, we will guide your meditation step-by-step and patiently work with you.

Just like at the beginning of anything that you do for the first time,

you just need a little bit of patience to allow yourself to get used to it.

In a very short time, you will begin to open your mind a little more and feel happier and freer.

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What do you most wish for in life?

  • To go to true world where you live eternally

  • To be happy

  • To be successful

  • To improve myself/ to have the capability

  • To be healthy

  • To have inner peace

  • To get rid of mind clutter and live in the moment

  • To get rid of bad habit

  • To be grateful all the time

  • To have a better relationship with others.

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